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Rick Raddatz, listening to political reform ideas photo
Rick Raddatz, listening
to political reform ideas May, 2011

About Us

The Pentanomic Institute is building a community of amazing people to study, discuss, challenge, extend and promote a new theory of government called pentanomics.

The most striking feature of pentanomics is that it unites the values and goals of the entire political spectrum, including freedom, prosperity, social-justice, progress, peace and sustainability.

Pentanomics acheives this seemingly-impossible goal by extending the laws of economics to all human action: private, public, political, foreign and future.

Pentanomics was developed over a ten year period by philosopher Rick Raddatz talking with thousands of people from all points of view. Rick learned something from every conversation. The first breakthrough-the cap-and-prioritize reform-happened in spring of 2009. The pentanomic model was discovered in fall of 2011, taking its final form in spring of 2016.