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Dear Prospective Member,

Here at the Pentanomic Institute, our mission is to launch the Pentanomic Revolution.

That means three things:

  • 1)

    Fixing our dysfunctional government;

  • 2)

    Healing our political divide;

  • 3)

    Inspiring the world to follow in our footsteps.

We will accomplish this mission by exploring and promoting Pentanomics, the unified theory of government.


In politics, history-making revolutions happen when the general public unites behind a simple and powerful message.

Consider, for example, how many revolutions have happened because of simple ideas like FREEDOM! or JUSTICE!. Consider how many political movements demand PROSPERITY!, PROGRESS!, PEACE! or SUSTAINABILITY!

And then consider how amazing it would be to be a part of a movement that unites all of these rallying cries together—and gets them right.

That’s the power of the Pentanomics. As a founding member, you get to play an unusually important role.

I look forward to learning along side you in the members' only area.

— Rick Raddatz Founder & Executive Director The Pentanomic Institute

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  • JaniceSparks, NVentrepreneurDemocrat
    This construct is an inspiring political platform that shows great promise. For the longest time, We the People have needed a way to come together, for the common good of ALL, within a framework where all political views are honored and respected. Until now... that seemed impossible! I'm extremely excited about the potential for Real Change afforded by what this brings to ALL of America's citizens. It's a sea change whose time has come!
  • PhilipSunny Isles Beach, FloridaCo/Founder-AchievementRadio.comRepublican
    Very well done Rick! As a political conservative, I am disheartened by the divisive rhetoric tearing at our great Nation. This solution certainly presents a possibility to reverse the destructive course we are on. I look forward to and welcome additional information which will empower me to educate others!
  • ValaryEncinitas, CANurseIndependent
    The vision behind the concept models presented here is one I can comfortably endorse. The concept models are beautiful in their simplicity and inspired in their balance. If done right, this movement has the potential to allow the people to reclaim the values government has hijacked from us.
  • Ed SepulvedaPico Rivera, CARetired engineer3rd-Party
    The simplicity of the concept is too good to be true. With everyone's cooperation, it can stop the madness between the Democrats and the Republicans that is tearing our nation apart.
  • PhilGrand Junction, COartistLibertarian
    Finally here is something to really get excited about! Instead of the constant bickering back and forth of the political parties and the media support of one or the other, here is a solution where everyone works together for every political view. Capitalism and social justice come together to benefit self sufficient and needy alike. Everyone can be happy with the result.
  • DeborahPhoenix, AZPublisherProgressive
    It's time to find a way to listen to each other and celebrate our patriotism, no matter what our political views are (or have been). I am a proud American first and foremost. This solution supports that!
  • Leon TarrantGalena, KSSupport TechnicianDemocrat
    Finally! Someone came up with an inclusive way to look at the realities of politics and society. In Revolutionary times, Ben Franklin said, "We must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately." We may have come back to that situation, and this looks like a possible resolution to our quandry.
  • Harry HendricksonAirvilleRetired correctional officerRepublican
    We need to have a patriotic bond that stiches us together as caring and responsible Americans. Our fore fathers sacrificed and died for our American way of life. if we want to sustain our freedoms and democracy then we need to help one another to bring America to the top of the list once again and this Revolution looks like our remedy. Political views mean nothing if our country looses it's basic constitutional values and tenents. God Bless America.
  • SusanAtlanta GAenergyparenting.comIndependent
    I believe it's true that all political viewpoints have more in common than opposed - it's HOW we talk about what we want that creates such HUGE ILLUSIONS of separate interests. Thank you, Rick, for being willing to lead in this area despite the landmines, and for being willing to put effort into using language we can all hear instead of resist. I've often dreamed of BOB - best of both parties - but there are more than two, and I believe more than every before, we are ready to meet in the middle and transcend differences for the common good.
  • MarkSt. Robert, MissouriSoldier3rd-Party
    This solution is a concept and party change that I fully support. This is THE way to demonstrate for us and our future generations what right looks like!
  • TheresaDallas, TexasSelf-employeed on-line salesProgressive
    Balance and consideration of all people! The political bickering isn't working. Also, I like the fact that American citizens can be involved and take part in change this country really needs because Washington "ain't getting it done"!
  • Phyllis HarlowPalmdale, CA MerchandiserDemocrat
    This makes sense. I really believe we have gotten away from our true values of loving our neighbors with all the greed and me-ism in this country, especially in the government where we elect these politicians to represent our voice in Washington and they get swayed by all the special interest groups leaving us high and dry. We really need to come together in this country and help one another every day and not just when there is a tragedy like 9-11. I like what Rick has to say and I support it. I hope we can make it happen.
  • Patti Dallas, TXentrepreneurRepublican
    This is the first time I've felt hope that Americans might stop talking past each other, embrace the heart of where we agree, and do something that makes sense.
  • MonicaSeattle, WaInformation and Media ManagerIndependent
    Real possibilities to move all our political sides forward together for a greater future for all. No one group owns the word "patriotic." Anyone that cares about our country’s past, present and future gets to claim this word. I now have hope for our country’s future and our country’s ability to be a positive, collaborative, constructive energy for Good in the world.
  • MelCarson City, NVBiz Owner3rd-Party
    My gut response to this can be described in one word: RESPONSIBILITY. That's what Rick is introducing/demanding with this approach. Transparency is the precurser and guarantor of responsibility. But, we can no longer just talk about it. We're on the slippery slope to destruction. Goofy is strapped to his skis and gaining speed down that mountain ... we must do something before he turns into that huge snowball and crashes! Transparency. Cap and prioritize. What a concept! Why do I like it? Responsibility. Capitalism and Social Justice. We must maintain the balance of powers, the natural give and take, without favoring one side over the other. Transparency and Responsibility. Go for it Rick!
  • MartinCarson City, NVbusinessmanLibertarian
    Representative democracy has long outlived its usefulness. It is time for direct democracy and professional management to take over from the "best congress money can buy" institutions. This is a reasonable middle ground that might allow us to transition from one to the other without a full civil war we might otherwise soon get into.
  • KeithNaperville, IL entrepreneurProgressive
    There actually is a simple solution to a solid political view. Heart, mind, and commerce rolled into one small government plan. Very inspiring! Now we need a plan for campaign financing and term limits to truly turn our government back into 'by and for the people'! Politics should not be a career....
  • Juleen StenzelRancho Cordova, CADemocrat
    I support it! I believe this system can bring collaboration into making decisions that will better serve all the citizens of this country.
  • PaulMagnolia, TXretired (computer technology)Republican
    Transparency, minimization of influence of special interests and a narrowing of the gap that separates the left and right are the strengths I see in this plan
  • KimReno, NVPublisherIndependent
    I was raised a Republican, but have become so disenchanted and even embarrassed by the greed and ego displayed by the Republican party, I was headed to the Democratic side which focuses on helping people. What I want most is Common Sense and Business Sense in govt. I would vote for a business leader any day over a political leader. This country needs someone who can run the gov't like a business... focused on results... that can be responsible for reaching a positive bottom line... that treats it's citizens like customers - with dignity and respect. Maybe it will even gain traction as a third political party - one everyone can buy into, and we will enter a new era of collaboration where we support each other and everyone wins, instead of competition where we destroy each other, very few win, and those who do, do so at the expense of everyone else. I support the idea of competition as Rick intends it, where it is an exercise in bringing the best out in people and organizations... where people compete to be the best and offer the most value to others. I don't support the idea of competition in which there are winners and losers, and operates on the theory of scarcity. I am sooo happy to see the emergence of this platform. It is needed more now than ever before.
    A complex problem solved with profound understanding; with an understandable answer and concept that can be clearly conveyed in less than 20 minutes to a large part of the world.
  • Hurst PeacockAuburn/AlabamaDoctor of ChiropracticProgressive
    This is the idea that I've been hoping for. If we continue to play the "my side is better than your side" game, we are finished as a country. W+W Revolution gives us a way to work together without compromising ideals.
  • GilRiverdale NYConsultantLibertarian
    It's logical. It simply makes sense. Plus, it holds government accountable for their spending.
  • David KasmierCleveland, OhioBusiness/Marketing ConsultantDemocrat
    This is an incredible program....One that I highly recommend everyone get involved in.... there would be no more of that polarizing politics that we have all come to hate….it has something for everyone….Finally something that makes sense for the world that we live in today.
  • John HillLebanon, TNRealtorRepublican
    Brilliant! You have really picked up on the enormous need of the right and left learning to work together again towards making our country great and what the founders intended (for the most part).
  • NancyCarmen, IdahoIntuitive Counselor & Healer/ Writer/ HomemakerIndependent
    Time for us to come together, instead of continuing to argue about who is "right". Bottom line, we do share core beliefs and have core needs and this is a perfect way for us to end the separation. Capping spending and having priorities is how a person would budget their own money effectively and so I see no reason why it wouldn't work in government also. Thank You for all you are doing to help all of us!
  • geoff guirk east hanover njself employed Libertarian
    simply amazing....the best synergistic make sense approach to run the country encompassing all views,working together to the common goal
  • Dr. Wilfredo P. ResosoPhilippinesVeterinarianProgressive
    This is the best way to solved conflict. Everybody knows that when we argue we separate as friends not enemies for the essence of democracy is to ventilate issues and both sides will understand that a sound discussions will benefit both sides and arrived to a best solutions driven by a unified atmosphere/solutions.
  • ChristinaSarasota, FLLife, Health, Confidence & Addiction CoachDemocrat
    Wow. An idea who's time has come. I'm fascinated at how you tied everything together so powerfully. It is a concept that, if we can get enough people to understand and embrace, can truly save this Country!
  • MorganConnecticutRetired RNRepublican
    Finally someone is talking about the solution and not the problem.
  • CorySan Diego, CaliforniaBusiness OwnerIndependent
    Finally, taking a psychological/mathematical approach to politics. Using our heads instead of raw emotions. When government no longer serves the people, the people have a duty to change their government. It's time for the people to stand together so special interest will not be able to dictate policy any more.
  • ScottCASalesProgressive
    This is a sincere and thoughtful new approach to solving our biggest political ills. I'd encourage anyone to set aside blind ideological loyalty and cynicism for at a moment and consider this call to unity.
  • GregoryDetroit, MichiganNetwork Marketer & Travel AgentDemocrat
    Although I'm a Life Long Democrat, being indoctrinated long ago on my riding Daddy's shoulders at a Labor day parade in 1959, Then Senator Kennedy waved at me.... But what I'm saddened by is the rabid "Us vs Them" viciousness. What I love about Rick's philosophy is it's carefully thought out way for us to Help others have HOPE and OPPORTUNITY....a True way to WINBIG!
  • Patricia WeibelShawnee Mission, KSRetiredRepublican
    I've been thinking and praying for a solution to the political mess we find ourselves in currently. THIS IS THE ANSWER!!
  • Rev. Fr. Vahan GosdanianFresno, CaliforniaPastorIndependent
    There is an Armenian saying which goes like this, "You can't get a strait line using a crooked ruler." So let's not keep trying over and over again. We need a new RULER.
  • Cheryl CartwrightMontreal, QCNon-profit Manager3rd-Party
    The world as it stands, is in a Lose/Lose position. A revitalization of the values that established America as the greatest, strongest and most diplomatic nation in the world is LONG overdue, and needed, for the USA to retake its role as the land of opportunity. I am Canadian, but where you go, we go and we too are losing many of the similar core values as the USA that made ours a country envied around the world.....We all need truth from our leadership to be able to reestablish a world where everyone can gain a true sense of justice and liberty for all! This may just be the answer that will lead the way!
  • CraigTexasProgressive
    The potential for this proposal to develop into an efficient, effective and bias-averse framework of government is truly remarkable.
  • David MasonSan DiegoLong Term Care insuranceDemocrat
    This has been my belief my whole life. I'm in.
  • Travis JenkinsKingwood, TxSelf EmployedRepublican
    Great message that seems to offer a fair and balanced approach to many of our biggest challenges that keep us from coming together as the great nation that we are. It's our innovation that has made us what we are time and time again, this may be just the innovation that we need to get back to greatness, once again!
  • TimSwanzey, NHEntrepreneurIndependent
    This is the first approach I've ever seen that provides a true opportunity to unite the voices of [virtually all] the people. It departs from the age-old "us-vs-them" mentality that has served to literally divide our country, and moves us from compromise (win-lose) to collaboration (win-win). As human beings, it is a truth that most of us have the same fundamental desires regarding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Where we have seen great divide is in our ideas and philosophies on how to get there. This has created an environment where the "left" sees those on the "right" as being heartless, while those on the "right" see those on the "left" as idiots. As I currently understand it, the only people who could possibly oppose it are the political elitists who want power (and control) for the sake of power (and control).
  • Adrienneyorktown hts, nyChiropractorProgressive
    It promotes working together. Our current system promotes defeating the others even more than actual success. We CAN find a way for us all to win.
  • RobbyAsheville, NCBusiness OwnerDemocrat
    This is a must. You have my full support!
  • PaulGrand Junction/ COMortgage BankerRepublican
    Any thing that will reduce the size of government, I am for. Add the fact that you are looking at ways to improve government spending and you really have some thing.
  • Jens JerndalSupranationalPhilosopher, Author, Speaker, Independent
    Your ideas are brilliant. No doubt about it. In theory it could well be the salvation of our species and our planet.
  • DougSanta Ana, CAEntrepreneurLibertarian
    This idea has potential. The devil is always in the details. I joined and will follow this with great interest.
  • JackRepublican
    It's a great approach in today's political climate.
  • Judy LQuincy, MARealtorIndependent
    Sounds like the best solution to the crisis we are facing as a nation
  • Ron Paola, KSRetiredRepublican
    Rick sounds like a great program and it would eliminate greed and back room deals, it would make the government have to answers for the money that they spend.
  • DonLevelland, TXTherapeutic Messenger3rd-Party
    For the highest and greatest good, at individual level of intent, toward the purpose of achieving maximum well being for all, is what this solution is all about
  • JohnGeorgiaBiz Management consultantLibertarian
    Rick is a modern day philosopher who understands how altruistic ideas can be arranged appeal to everyone. This construct will need a lot of help to gain traction. However, it can be "sold" like soap, cars, or fashion by clever people. This could work.
  • Terrt RuthHooks/TexasRetiredRepublican
    Ricks message reflects America as it was created, as it should be now and what we need for our republic to bring it back as the greatest nation in the world. It reflects charity with hard work. In God we Trust!
  • Randall RobbinsCharlotte, NCInsurance SalesDemocrat
    Take this all the way Rick! We need you to lead us in the right direction..... we will follow!
  • ReyBostonReal Estate SalesIndependent
    That there seems to be a complete and sensible plan on how to bring us together to resolve where we are. I am of the opinion that democracy as we are practicing it does not work. To continue the present will eventually destory us.
  • FaithCleveland, OhioMarketing DirectorRepublican
    I am wary of the partisanship that is tearing this country apart at its seams. I need an oasis of just being able to talk to my fellow Americans of all opinions about how we can take our country forward without leaving people behind. I am over the stereotypes and passionate raw emotions that can no longer even engage with the other side. I am here for HOPE and SANITY and not hypersensitivity, propaganda, or unreasoned/untested opinions.
  • SandyFloridaBusiness owner3rd-Party
    I like stopping the spending and accountability. Also that we quit ruining peoples lives by doing it for them. Lets spend time teaching them.
  • Tedsan anselmo, caonline marketerIndependent
    Finally a common sense solution to our political gridlock!
  • RobertBellingham/WAChiropractorIndependent
    This is exactly what I've been looking for - people trying to agree rather than fight. Great ideas.
  • MikeSeattleSelf employed businessmanIndependent
    I hope this gets traction. What we are doing now is not working and we have serious problems that need solving.
  • John Philadelphia PABusiness ConsultantIndependent
    Cap and Prioritize is a brilliant way to express the need to spend efficiently on only those things that matter most to our country! The model is a terrific framework to begin a different conversation about how our country can unite and prioritize what matters most to our freedom and sovereignty.
  • Johnpaul MosesMemphis, TNReal Estate InvestorIndependent
    This is very impressive. Finally, I feel like I see hope for a single plan that we can all believe in. WELL DONE and you have my FULL SUPPORT. Thank you.
  • FrankHuntington, NYMarketing Consultant and CopywriterIndependent
    I love this idea because finally everyone in America can work together to help our country become what it can become...its an inspiring message this country has not seen in a long time. Rick, I don't know where this idea came from, but thank you for putting such a compelling message together.
  • CoryAberdeen, SDAuthor, Speaker & Healthcare InnovatorRepublican
    Finally ... Some realization that it takes capitalism to fund charity. Rich people help fund the wheels for the needy. All I have ever wanted was "good" use of my tax dollars. If they are being used fairly and responsibly, then I have no problem paying them.
  • PatrickPort Chester, NYAdvertising/Direct Marketing/Graphic DesignIndependent
    Finally a political position that can work for all and can make us all work for all—All for one, one for all!
  • GeneCrested Butte, CoContractorIndependent
    Limited Government and social justice
  • BruceFort Collins, COSmall business ownerIndependent
    No matter your party or political, philosophical leaning, we're all looking for better answers to what are government has presented. Our country is ailing - it's undeniable. Mainly, because we are overly married to views that are unable to answer the most important priorities. Tri-ism, at the very least, is worth a serious look for every single, engaged citizen from, the far left, the far right and everything in between. At best, it offers a gallant first step towards something better, viable and appealing to many us wanting a more responsive government.
  • JerryVista, CAFounder & CEO CompassionHappens IncLibertarian
    Rick Raddatz once again demonstrates his is brilliance! If you love America, Capitalism, Our Constitution and have a compassionate heart to see that no person on this planet is without food, shelter and a education you must watch this video… It's who I AM! Our Founding Fathers wanted co-operation in the highest sense of the word.. They truly believed that Man's freedom comes from GOD and the we have an opportunity to express and share that freedom with everyone. We have to love one another in spite of our differences in polical, religious, and Humaniterian views.
  • Michael EdwardCentral FloridaInternet Marketing3rd-Party
    Two things come to mind.... You need a national communications platform that brings focus from eMails, Twitter, et al and you need a public presentable bully-pulpit. Good job, Rick.
  • Anthony LawtonUKAccountant Independent
    Looks good. Looking forward to seeing the technology to assist and make the system work in practice.
  • Mimi LupinHot Springs, Ar.Licensed Professional Counselor and filmmakerDemocrat
    This proposal is very creative! I think Rick's idea could be the answer to the problems the politicans are having in deciding how to ward off the majority financial diaster that our country could be headed towards.
  • StevenMountain View, CATrainer, TeacherIndependent
    Let's build common ground where we can. If we presume that others have good intentions we can make tremendous progress.
  • TimGreenwich CTRealtorRepublican
    What a well presented idea/concept. Thank you Rick!
  • E. ThomasNaples, FLEntrepreneurDemocrat
    Transparency is the key to reduce the backroom shenanignans in government spending & contracts. Greed on a level playing field is different than greed in a dishonest good old boys network.
  • SandiPuyallup, WaBusiness ownerIndependent
    This is the first time in my lifetime where I can see that all ideologies of the political spectrum have a chance of working together for the good of all people. I wholeheartedly support you!
  • MarilynLos AngelesSpeaker/AuthorIndependent
    It brings the heart, soul and head together of humanity, addressing the needs, wants, and desires of all people under one collaborative system.
  • EugeneAnchorage, Alaskabusiness ownerRepublican
    The center used to be a muddy place until this idea. The center should pull the left and right wings with it, like the head on your shoulders and the heart in your chest pulls your arms and legs to move in a certain direction... there is no need for left and right arms to flay at each other. now we have a head and a heart that control them both.
  • TerrySeattle WAOnline entrepreneurIndependent
    This is a noble concept and strategy as far as it goes. However, special interests will still buy favor from greedy politicians to move their cause up the priority list. The influence of special interests, the extreme polarization of political parties with no middle ground and the use of personal demonizing all have to be reversed. To do so, politics has to be transformed back to the intent of the founding fathers: politicians who are *temporary* office holders - from all walks of life - motivated by the desire to improve our country, rather than "career politicians" - in office for decades - whose desire for control, power and longevity makes them vulnerable to polarization, greed and corruption.
  • DannyFranklin, TNEntrepreneurLibertarian
    I really hope something like this can actually happen. I will show my support, for what it is worth. Transparency is the key and no one in Washington seems to want that to happen right now. Lets change that and really see how bad the waste is, then I will gladly pay a fair share of the taxes we need.
  • SteveSLC, UTreal estate, REOs and financial training3rd-Party
    rick is in charge. and it makes sense... mostly ... a couple of words here or there... I like the presentation and the convergence of social justice with Capitalism.
  • rickLenexa, KsSelf EmployedRepublican
    I am so SICK of the political fighting and bickering - let's have a real "transparent" government for ONCE!
  • TimProvo/UtahChiropractorLibertarian
    If the true intentions of the political interests are accurately represented this solution makes sense.
  • barbaranjconsultantIndependent
    I'd like to get Congress to actually prioritize spending. This should eliminate all the pork-barrel politics and add-on's
  • Peter WaltonRepublican
    Awesome Idea will promote this immediately.
  • BarbaraMundelein, ILhealer/teacherIndependent
    Wow, this solution truly brings the heart and head of government spending together in a balanced collaboration. This seems ideal for the family budget too. Bottom line - A. cap spending to stay in your budget B. Agreed prioritized spending within that budget.
    Here is a complex problem solved with profound understanding, wisdom, and vision. A clear presentation of the concept and answers -conveyed in an understandable way; in less than 20 minutes to a major part of the literate and understanding world. Tremendous ideas from your THINK TANK with well thought out steps for implementation. Sure beats everything out there proposed so far and indeed could allow for a peaceable transforming power helping to get it done.
  • JohnCleveland, OHSmall Business OwnerRepublican
    Not until we redefine the role of government in our lives will we begin to rebuild our country to be the greatest in the world again (sorry, communists & socialists...). This is a fantastic idea that truly has the potential to redefine our government. I wholeheartedly support this concept and the people behind the idea.
  • RenePhoenix ArizonaSecurity ConsultantDemocrat
    Finally we have a solution!
  • Teresa YoungTulsa, OKRN, unemployedDemocrat
    Unity for the good of all.
  • KeithSpringfield Va. affordable housing advocateIndependent
    The two year olds playing in the National sandbox need to start behaving and find some enforced balance to stabilize the social contract we call our Economy. A starting point is a restatement of the Human rights we value and why . The more words and actions align then the more trust we build into a renewed working contract.
  • Steve ThomasRoscoe, ILself employed marketerDemocrat
    It is the common sense approach I have thought about for years. Everyone takes a little bit from each "plan", the top 10, if you will and formulate what's best for America. This process is that with "additives". If our federal leaders really do care about America, they will listen and if Americans really care they make them listen.
  • GregEscondido, CACEORepublican
    Brilliant & Well Done!
  • StellaGlenview, ILtechnology3rd-Party
    I think the concept has merit. I want to learn more. So far it seems our system is just not working and we need to do something. I am wondering how the powers to be and the lobbyists are going to take this!
  • MaryBirmingham, ALSelf-Employed Cooking CoachIndependent
    A method of guiding spending that all sides could be happy with? i'd like to hear more about how that would work. Politics usually brings out the worst in people, and I'd love to be able to able to get behind a solution that is practical and effective.
  • DougCentennial, COSelf EmployedLibertarian
    Just remember, the "Politico" has been in power for more than 111 years. "IF" they wanted a solution, we'd have one. Move them all out, start over and effect the plan.
  • Michael HitchensIndianapolis InSelf EmployedProgressive
    Finally Government that makes sense. There are more people that think like this that those that are selfish and greedy.
  • Ty BohannonAurora, COBusiness OwnerIndependent
    I am looking forward to supporting any movement that brings our country back to the principles it was founded on - a government for the people by the people.
  • JohnOrlandoBusiness ownerRepublican
    very interested in the possible change
  • saraphoenix, arizonamassage therapistDemocrat
    This solution creates a balance that I have not seen before. It creates hope that we as a country can be on the same team and not fight over petty things.
  • Tom Vancouver, CanadaEntrepreneurIndependent
    Great work Rick. Brilliant.
  • David Wynn SmithFresno, CASelf-employeedIndependent
    The concept seems possible and doable.
  • EllieNYself employedIndependent
    I think most americans are in the middle ... this seems to address the middle instead of the far rights and lefts.
  • MaineBobSouth China, MaineSocial EntrepreneurIndependent
    Wow, This plan can really work... Thank you Rick... this Rocks!
  • RichardOdessa ,TXReal Estate AppraiserRepublican
    This reminds me of the attitude after a tragedy that transcends all social barriers for the common welfare of the affected people. I like this idea , these are the common principles this nation was founded with!
  • HughMcCoySoftware EngineerLibertarian
    The simplicity of the message and its diverse appeal.
  • Thomas MouldingScotts Valley, CAReal estate BrokerRepublican
    Very Impressed with this program
  • DaveKirkland, WALeverage PlannerLibertarian
    I *LOVE* the critical thinking that you've invested into this, and I am absolutely an ally & proponent. Let's make this happen!
  • MariusMunich/Bavaria/GermanyEngineerIndependent
    Great idea - the time is right for this
  • HenriWashington, DCBusiness and Career CoachIndependent
    Amazing work, Rick. You were born for this! I will be sending around to hundreds of folks - I do hope this makes a difference
  • KaareEffingham, ILMarketing ConsultantRepublican
    Effectiveness, compromising, transparency, helping people in need and responsible government.
  • Michael PattonLas Vegas, NVReal EstateIndependent
    I'm quite hopeful... these past 20 years have simply eroded our country - and caused me to just about throw the towel in on caring about where we're heading. Thanks for your efforts - I'm definitely interested in where this can go.
  • Stevebeautiful St George, UTSales/Marketing/ConsultingLibertarian
    Finally a solution free of the Politics of Fear!!! I support and vote for the candidates that create the most hope (even if it is unfounded), because if we as a country lose hope... it's Game Over. Thanks Rick, this is a unifying step in the right direction, offering Real Hope. Count me on board.
  • DawsonAurora CObusiness owner/helicopter pilot/marketingIndependent
    I love it lets do it. seems to be a mutually beneficial circular supported system that continually feeds itself.
  • ThomasLas Vegas, NV. Table games dealerIndependent
    Love the idea of putting a spirit, mind, and body to politics. This is the kind of simple system that will take us to the next level of human developement socially. This is what our founding father would have wanted us to think of for the future. Weed out all the negatives and use all the positives of social interaction using the system that is already in place. I support it 1000%
  • RandyLas Vegas NVInvestorRepublican
    Very interesting and doable with enough involvement and hard work from those of us who are sick and tired of the direction our country is going. Thanks for this Rick, well done.
  • JenniferLod, CALife CoachIndependent
    We are living in the midst of a giant leap forward for humanity. This solution appears to be on target and on time to be a vehicle for the evolution to take place
  • RobbyArvada ColoradoBusiness ownerIndependent
    This looks like a unity plan that has great potential to protect our country and world from the chaos that we seem to be spiraling toward... while providing a framework for a bright future for all of us.
  • PaulIndependent
    Changing from a system of greed and a totally different management approach has promise.
  • MikeAustin, TexasProgram ManagerIndependent
    This solution promotes fiscal responsibility and transparency in government and is a positive and collaborative approach to solving the problems our country faces today.
  • RussellYorktown, VABusiness OwnerRepublican
    It just makes sense!
  • Aila CharlestonRNIndependent
    As a registered Independent, I like this solution because it raises political discourse up from current destructive radical polarization to constructive intelligent debate.
  • Mae Las Vegas, NVInvestorRepublican
    This makes total sense because none of us can achieve a sustainable program that will please everyone without compromise and working synergistically to make our government work for all. I'm all for transparency because evil can only hide in the dark. If all men let their lights shine, there cannot be any darkness. I have only been interested in shining the light on the evil that permeates our government today. Very few people would choose evil if they know it to be evil. I'm all for Rick’s solution. I know that when you understand what it is and how it works, you will support this too!
  • Verlyn KroonOmaha, NEBusiness personRepublican
    Interesting ideas here.
  • DeborahHouston/TXCall CenterLibertarian
    I found this to be very interesting and informative. It would be great if our government would go for it. I'm sending it out to all my friends on Facebook and email.
  • JeffSan Diego, Ca.Electrical ContractorIndependent
    This seems to make sense to me. I'd like to hear more
  • Gene MasonCrested Butte, CoretiredIndependent
    This looks like the answer for everyone to work together to get America moving forward.
  • DanielCardiff-by-the-SeaMarketerIndependent
    We Don't Win Unless We All Win !! This is a metaphor for all of our actions, choices, and relationships. And Love is not gazing in each others eyes, but looking in the same direction. I Love everything about this movement !
  • rick fostermooresville insr. buyerIndependent
    sounds great, but an uphill battle since transparency, would eliminate greed and corruption. both parties are so embedded in both, they will fight this tooth and nail. spread the word, because there are powers in numbers.
  • Jeffrey BetschWinnsboro, SCFairfield County Tea Party ChairmanRepublican
    Absolutely astounding idea.... I am still astonished by this concept
  • DustinAberdeen, SDSalesDemocrat
    I think that every American knows that our government is wasteful, but Democrats don't want to sacrifice government spending for fear of losing our ability to help people and Republicans don't want spend as much because it negatively affects their personal finances and never ends up as the money was originally intended. I totally believe that Rick’s ideas could work, but fear that they would also become corrupted in the hands of our leaders. If the prioritizing system works, this idea is absolutely brilliant.
  • Stephen PettEast SussexEstate PlannerIndependent
    Watching closely from the UK!
  • Chuck CoryBroomfield, COhelping peopleIndependent
    I think this makes a lot of sense on the surface. I have a lot of practical questions related to the reality of politics, power and how to get from here to there. The here being the stacked deck of the political system (especially after recent Supreme Court decisions) to the balanced economic, political and social system envisioned by Rick and his group.
  • Tamera TaborJacksonville FloridaArtistLibertarian
    It is clarity of thought. It is balance of heart and mind. It is based on the premise that we are one people, as opposed to being separate. It gives me hope, personally, that we might be able work together and return to balance.
  • Kathy IshikawaWatsonville, CaliforniaRealtorIndependent
    It is time to end the two party system that is constantly at loggerheads, not accomplishing anything, and just playing politics at our expense.
  • John J. WoodsSaint Louis, MOFinancial AdvisorIndependent
    It is time for people to demand transparency from their elected officials. This may be an effective start. This may be the creative, Internet-generation solutions we all know is somehow possible. This may diminish the power of special interest groups (left and right) that work again most of us. The current Dem/Reb system is broken and this may be a first step towards a fix.
  • Bruce Raymond WrightSimi Valley Ca.Author and business leaderLibertarian
    Getting a different result cannot be achieved with the traditional thinking that produces our current result. To transcend the present results, most of the current politicians and bureaucrats will have to be replaced with people capable of believing in and implementing new ideas and methods. Transcendent results require replacement of status quo.
  • Tom WrightWildwood, MissouriBusiness OwnerRepublican
    Great ideas, basic life points
  • K Lebens Big Bear Lake, CARealtor/DesignerRepublican
    I think this program has the potential to lie the groundwork for a Revolution!
  • Jeff GroundsMeridian, IDSales ProfessionalRepublican
    It's time for each American to realize many of the powers that be want different parties fighting with each other and playing the blame game. The reality is people from each party do have a lot of commonality and would be better served working together.
  • Christina DalyCaliforniaSmall Business OwnerDemocrat
    Looking for ACTION. Gridlock is painful
  • BillyLexington, KyInsuranceRepublican
    The only problem is that the left (the politicians, not the public) only act like they want to help others. They only want bigger government to make everyone dependent on them. They are against the private sector and free markets.
  • Scott HendisonPortland, ORInternet marketerIndependent
    Rick, what I like the most about this is that it appeals to all sides of the political spectrum. What we need for the country to survive is TRANSPARENCY.
  • Joshua BarrettSouth Williamsport, PALibertarian
    This is simple, amazing, and what makes this stand out to me is that it could work more easily than some of the ideas than I or anyone else has had.
  • Dom CassoneNorthborough, MACoach/ConsultantRepublican
    Very interesting concept you have described here Rick. I am curious on how it will progress as it rolls out. I am not really a Republican, but rather a Conservative (that should be a choice as should Liberal). While am probably further to the right than most, I believe that most of the people in the country as a whole leads their lives somewhat to the right of center (regardless of their political affiliation), so if your great concept can get everyone to see common ground both in their lives and in their politics, it will be a great achievement. All the best!
  • Rachael A GregoryDallas TexasSalesProgressive
    This is great. Something for everyone.
  • Nada Tušak Sisak in Croatia EuropeI'm a teacher and a journalist.Independent
    I'm from Croatia and I support this solution. I'm Independent and I believe it's a good solution for my country, too.
  • Christian MickelsenSan Diego, CACEOIndependent
    Hey Rick, WOW! Extremely well thought out.
  • Vasudev NagarajBangalore, IndiaResponsible Human Being3rd-Party
    Great Idea... kudos... I love the balance & collaboration for all
  • Jo RoggeOak Harbor WADisabled VeteranIndependent
    What a great opportunity!! Finally a government for the people!
  • cleofe quiboteberkeley, canurseRepublican
    I like this because it's fair and it makes sense. We need to be wise with our life and our resources and this seems to be the solution.
  • RichardGresham, OregonretiredRepublican
    This actually looks like change we can believe in, not the change we got years ago.
  • Juan M. VarelaSan Antonio, TX Self-Employed/ Insurance IndustryIndependent
    It's about time that a system has something for everyone! I'm a registered Demograt, however, I consider myself and Independent Conservative. Lets cut wasteful and foolish spending! Let's spend Wisely! I like this solution because it brings everyone to the middle. Yes, it's not perfect, but it sounds better than what we have now. And I really think that it will work!
  • Kavanaugh FarrRiver Ridge, LaRetRepublican
    In this time of political insanity this is a refreshing approach to establishing credibility in government.
  • Chris HartmanToledo, OhionurseRepublican
    Finally a government that would actually be for the people instead of the politicians! I am so tired of the fighting and the childishness of those in Washington with their "If you don't give me what I want, you can't have what you want" attitude.
  • Don Hill San Diego, Ca. Real Esrtate BrokerLibertarian
    It seems to be a clear, to the point solution.
  • Donna PattyBensalem PAoffice mgr.Republican
    Yes, I believe in this and think it would be a great idea. We definitely need unity in Congress and the Presidential administration with the people not against it.
    It will work for everyone. Not, "Who is right, but what is right"!
  • David WilsonDanvilleBusiness OwnerRepublican
    If this has or gets some muscle / marketing behind it, I think this concept if implemented soon enough will change / save our country back to a positive influence for the world!
  • Michael YoderPhilomath, ORRetiredIndependent
    Great idea but will the American people follow through? It definitely supports both sides of the political spectrum, but will government honestly support transparency. All we can do is try and that's what I will do.
  • Kendall TaylorPOwder Springs, GARetiredIndependent
    We need some way to overcome the ideological split that cripples our government and divides our citizens. This is worth exploring to see if it can truly unite us without some external enemy to fight against.
  • Wallace GoodeyPearl River, LouisianaRetired MilitaryIndependent
    I left the Republican party for the same reason I left the Democratic party - because they left me. Transparency has been an illusion and the promise of fairness a bogus lure. This is a good start at reform, but as long as our legislators exempt themselves from the laws they make for all of us to live by, we remain their subjects. Again, this is a good start, but any real success will begin when our elected officials have to live under the laws they create and we live by.
  • Jalica MillerGufport, MSRetired MilitaryDemocrat
    It's a Revolution of Hope for Change. Something that stops the hammering of political interest groups to control government and government to create more sanctions against the true investors us!
  • Maurice EvansPayson, UTRetiredIndependent
    I support the concept because it is a way to bring out the best in all political philosophies, but most of all I love transparency. We have lived too long with government that cloaks almost everything it does and provides a dark hole in which to bury the greed and avirice of most politians.
  • GraceDumfries, VAManagerIndependent
    We need this, very badly. I can't take too much more extremism on either side, but especially the digging in of the wealthiest to become even more wealthy. This gives me hope.
  • Naomi Girts-SignsToledo, OHRetired3rd-Party
    I wish we could have a third party. I do not like either party at this point. We need to have a party that is moderate and does what is best for our country, not just themselves.
  • Wayne NashJapanConsultantIndependent
    I think it is a great idea to put aside ideology which interferes with the process of accessing and hearing new ideas! Long overdue.
  • BillNorthern VirginiaActivistRepublican
    What a great message to bring both "wings" together to help America take flight. Everyone should catch wind of this revolution!
  • teresaswedenproduction staffRepublican
    This is a very good program.And hopefully as much as possible people have a heart to participate this, and are willing to change for our future and for our kids future.Its very important to help each other and doing together.
  • johannesMalaga /Spain/ Europeartist Independent
    good idea, in fact the best i've heard about politics since long.
  • David Guy.Gloucestershire. EnglandPostal worker/Addiction councellorIndependent
    I have long believed the world needs a peaceful revolution, we can not go on as we are. Its time for ordinary people to be heard. This could be the answer?
  • Wanda Van-Der-ZydenukJournals librarianIndependent
    Brilliant finally the people can work together for the greatest good of all.
  • Patrick Munson MDAnn Arbor/MiPhysicianIndependent
    I'm willing to support and see if in fact there is a progress element possible in our country. My children have asked if a world power can last longer than 200 years or if they have to spend their lives in the decline years.
  • John DuesingPatchogue N.Y.retiredIndependent
    I support this. We need change for the average person.
  • Dr. Patrick HaveySt Louis MOChiropractorRepublican
    I'm guessing more people would like to do this but have become complacent and believe that their vote just doesn't matter like it use to. It takes a lot of people to make this work. It's a good thing if for no other reason than so ''we the people'' can take control back of our country's direction....before its too late.
  • BrieWashington, DCLegislative Advocate/CounsultantIndependent
    AWESOME Concept! I like idea of ALL parties getting together in a forum & finally discussing their points of view. I believe we can all work together to heal our American Political System!
  • Julio Gonzalez Orlando, Fl. Business Sales ManagerRepublican
    It's a system of equality, that will motive all the political forces to work toward one simple and honorable save our country!!
  • Walter ComerWaynesvilleDisabledIndependent
    It's closer to the "American" gov't I've been spouting about. Get rid of the Republican, Democrat, whatever label, and represent the People.
  • Catherine HaysMurrsysville,PARegistered NurseLibertarian
    Great insight.
  • Chris Toledo, OhionurseRepublican
    Finally a government that would actually be for the people instead of the politicians! I am so tired of the fighting and the childishness of those in Washington with their "If you don't give me what I want, you can't have what you want" attitude. It's time to start working for the good of the country before it's too late!
  • Patrick MaddenWhite Lake, MIIT DirectorProgressive
    The message alone is well thought out. It does a great job of explaining why we are struggling and fighting ourselves when deep down each of us just wants fairness in our society. Also, we're sick of the divide and we're sick of representatives, corrupted by special interest, setting our priorities. It seems like a longshot that this could be realized. It doesn't seem like anyone is asking very much. Just tell everyone you know.
  • Helen KashiwaHoustonhomemaker/ educatorIndependent
    It reminds me of the way a parent would solve a conflict between two fighting children, the children being the left and the right. The talk seems to be an application of admirable Principles that we can all recognize and agree on. Maybe that's where philosophy and worldview will come into play, and I have the greatest hope and admiration for the effort. If possible, I plan to be a part of the solution as we all do have a role to play and to take our responsibility.
  • Roberto balckerMiami Beach/FLrealtorLibertarian
    This seems like a great idea. I will do my part.
  • Michael AngierFLauthor/CoachIndependent
    We need things to change because it's simply not working and our country is being torn apart. This is worth trying. It makes sense.